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Vijaya Diagnostic

The story of Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Limited is much like any other healthcare institution in India. We deliver innovative, comprehensive and high-quality diagnostic services at reasonable rates.
Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Limited is the brainchild of Dr S. Surendranath Reddy. We opened up our doors back in 1981 and for the last 4+ decades; we have had the privilege to become one of the top-rated diagnostic centre chains in India. We are dedicated to people who choose us to avail our quality-assured diagnostic services.
Currently, we have more than 90 diagnostic centres in Hyderabad. We also have several branches of our diagnostic centres.
We also understand the importance of rendering high quality diagnostic services and delivering the findings to our clients so that patients can avail superior medical care for the best outcomes.
We have made sure that every diagnostic clinic brandishing our insignia is equipped with the latest medical instruments and diagnostic devices. We also made sure that our diagnostic labs uphold the highest technical standards that are penned by NABL thus allowing us to ensure every Vijaya Diagnostic Centre you visit will render you high-quality diagnostic services that entail expedited deliverance of diagnostic findings.
We hire none but the best professionals to manage our diagnostic centres. Our hiring process is very strict. Only certifications and references are not enough to secure a job at our diagnostic centre. We make sure that the people we are hiring have the pertinent skills and experience for the post they are applying for.

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Nova Medical Center

We at Nova Medical Diagnostics & Daycare Center (NMDDC) are an innovative, cutting edge medical Center that has been on the forefront of diagnosing illnesses and diseases.

At NMDDC we provide diagnostic testing services to patients and physicians. We offer a wide range of tests for the diagnosis of diseases, including blood tests, urine tests, and more.

Daycare is a revolutionary new way to get the best treatment without the hassle of going to the hospital. We offer a wide range of treatments.

We are committed to providing the best care to our patients. We have a team of highly qualified professionals who are experts in their field.

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Lucid Diagnostics

Founded in 2006, Lucid Medical Diagnostics has pioneered a paradigm shift in the realm of medical diagnostic services in India. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and excellence, we have established 50+ centers across the nation. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, compassionate, and cutting-edge diagnostic solutions that resonate with the words of Hippocrates, “Health is the greatest of human blessings”.

Our journey has been marked by continuous evolution and advancement. We’ve not only redefined diagnostic services but also increased their significance in the contemporary healthcare landscape. Empowered by state-of-the-art infrastructure and a dedicated team, we’ve set new standards for patient care.

In the dynamic 21st-century healthcare sector, our focus remains on personalised patient outcomes. With extensive experience in diagnostic services and a team of specialised professionals, we are committed to delivering accurate and timely results. Collaborations with distinguished healthcare experts, cutting-edge technology partners, and a panel of subspecialized radiologists and pathologists reinforce our dedication to excellence. As we expand and innovate, our goal of healthcare excellence remains an unchanging beacon.

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Tricorder Diagnostics

The services can be availed by individuals as well as corporate businesses for their staffs and employees with free on-site sample collection. Considering the important of accuracy in diagnostic testing and patient outcomes, we deploy high-end medical tools, technology, and techniques that ensure flawless and accurate report every time. Supported by a team of qualified healthcare professionals, paramedics, phlebotomists and lab technicians, we try to offer maximum convenience to the patients saving their time and money both

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The laboratory was initially started with a limited tests and investigations menu which was later expanded to serve the growing needs of patients as well as medical science advancements to include a vast array of tests and investigations as well as upgrading itself in technology and quality standards recommended by Indian physician.

Latest high-end equipment, make sure that the results are accurate and delivered to customer on time.

We offer quality diagnostics services ranging from routine test, super-specialty test investigations to the more advanced tests pertaining to Biochemistry; Haematology; Micro-biology; Cytogenetics; Clinical Pathology and Histopathology.

Our diagnostic centres in Nizampet, KPHB & Pragathi Nagar have latest technology and high-end equipment that reduce manual intervention and human error. All delivered to you, with Krishna Diagnostic’s quintessential human touch.

If you are looking for the best diagnostic centre in Hyderabad or any of our other centres in Hyderabad, Krishna Diagnostics is a name you can always trust.

We go through great efforts to inform, educate and guide patients in making a complex process transparent and easy.

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Lupin Diagnostics

Lupin Diagnostics Limited (Formerly known as Lupin Healthcare Limited) is a 100% subsidiary of Lupin Limited.
The company is headquartered in Mumbai with National Reference Laboratory in Navi Mumbai. All the processing laboratories are operated by Lupin Diagnostics as a hub and spoke model. It includes Collection Centres, Pick-up Points, Hospital Laboratory Management, Retail Laboratory Management, and Home Collection pan-India.
The operations for Lupin Diagnostics have commenced from October 2021.

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Matrix Diagnostics

Matrix Diagnostics has been chosen as a renowned services provider from the patient side towards the best quality medical diagnostics it s situated at Hyderabad with various Branches. we have the latest equipment to provide all diagnostic services. Matrix Diagnostics for your Health checkup gives the chance to serve to the best.

Matrix Diagnostics is equipped with technologically advanced equipment to cater to the medical diagnostic needs of patients and doctors all over India with a minimum possible turnaround time(TAT) and at the most affordable cost.

Our team members are well qualified and experienced in their respective domains and they do understand that behind every test they undertake, there is a human life. Matrix always ensures that all of the services networks are as strong as possible thus enable to serve best in a possible way.

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Likhitha Diagnostic

Get prompt and dependable healthcare and diagnostic solutions right where you are
We are a group of committed physicians and healthcare care experts who have extensive experience and are committed to providing high-quality diagnostic and screening services. We were founded in 2006 and have established ourselves as a benchmark for quality and reliability by providing a complete range of tests, utilizing cutting-edge technology, and adhering to rigorous quality protocols.

Likhitha now has five state-of-the-art screening centers and a significant number of collecting locations located across the city for better accessibility and convenience. Pathologists, radiologists, and other specialists with advanced training and qualifications work alongside well-trained and skilled technologists at Likhitha’s Diagnostics and Specialty. We have 45+ doctors, over 80+ technicians, and 100+ logistic partners. Overall, we have 400+ staff.

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Reeshitha Labs

We are Reeshitha Diagnostics services, an Authorized medical laboratory services provider that is located in Hyderabad. We offer a variety of lab services from urine analysis to blood tests to tissue culture, specimen collection and transportation, toxicology tests and report, molecular diagnostics and molecular haematology. Over the years we have gained a reputation for quick and accurate delivery of results, making us a trusted laboratory service provider for many hospitals and medical facilities in Hyderabad. If you have any questions please get in touch with us.

A Highly Trained Team
We Offer Specialised Care
Excellent Diagnostic Centre

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We are the largest and most affordable diagnostic provider in India. Aarthi Scans and Labs offers its services to more than 7000 patients a day across India. We have 50 full-fledged diagnostic centers with CT, MRI, Ultrasound scan, Xray, Mammogram, OPG and Lab facilities. We have more than 150 collection centers providing lab services.

Our motto is to provide high-quality diagnostics to everyone at transparent affordable costs. We are India’s most affordable diagnostics service (We offer MRI scans for Rs 2500 and CT scans for Rs 1000). We are accredited by both NABL and NABH attesting our quality. Our own family group of Radiologists ensure good scan reports. We have a fully automated central processing lab in Chennai to give accurate and quick results.

Aarthi Scans and Labs is dedicated to remain at the forefront of the medical imaging and diagnostics field by maintaining state-of-the-art equipment and offering the latest in scientific advances at an affordable cost.

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